Strawberries in wintertime?

Consumers prefer fresh strawberries all year round! With the recent introduction of the new Delizzimo strawberry variety, Brookberries and the Holland Strawberry House – ABZ Seeds believe that it will be possible to supply the market with this new strawberry, even in winter.

Delizzimo winter castle cultivation with LED grow light
A winter cultivation with a strawberry variety that carries on under assimilation light gives the possibilities to meet this demand. Of course, these Delizzimo strawberries should distinguish themselves from imported strawberries from Southern Europe in terms of taste.

In 2013, ABZ Seeds has already started researching a carrier variety with excellent taste in greenhouse cultivation with assimilation light. In 2014 there was a successful continuation of this research: From the first harvest we could present a very tasty new strawberry: Delizzimo ®

A Wageningen UR Bleiswijk consumer panel rated the ABZ varieties from the spring trial as very tasty, significantly better than the widely appreciated Lambada. In additional spring trials of 2014, Delizzimo® (L13) produced 7 kg/m2 in a period of 4 months. First quality with an average fruit of 22 grams.

Taste session …
During a recently held taste session with some English aspiring chefs at Koppert Cress in Monster, Delizzimo falls on almost all aspects of the taste.

Holland Strawberry House presents this new variety with the slogan: “Feel the Summer Breeze”. Holland Strawberry House markets the Delizzimo strawberry in cooperation with Brookberries. Brookberries is a member of the Fossa Eugenia U.A. growers’ cooperative and sells its products through this cooperative. As of mid-December Delizzimo is available in the specialized AGF trade.

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Consumers prefer fresh strawberries all year round!