Our plants!

“From own cutting to an optimal production plant” As Brookberries we are not only specialized in producing strawberries, but also in growing hanging cuttings and tray plants for our own use. Why hanging cuttings and why grow our own plants? The answer is simple: uniformity and health! It is important that the plant is made to measure for the production for which it is intended. By tuning the crop protection in the propagation to the wishes and possibilities of the production cultivation, there is a minimum use of chemical crop protection in the whole process from cutting to the end product: a healthy and tasty strawberry. By means of flower bunch surveys we keep a close eye on the spread and construction of flower bunches. In this way we can optimally control our quality on the plant for the production cultivation for which it is intended. Our ambition is to control the entire process from mother plant to strawberry so that we have maximum control over our end product. In order to objectively test the plant quality, our plants are Nak-certified and therefore a healthy plant quality is guaranteed.