The enthusiastic manager of Dings Strawberries and Brookberries, is Marcel Dings. His parents used to have a mixed farm and horticulture in Belfeld (Netherlands). 1999 he bought the Greenhouse of a neighbour and startet strawberrie cultivation. Since 2009 he and his compagnon Peter van den Eertwegh build another new greenhouse, Brookberries! Both companies have a harvest each year over 1 million kilos strawberries. Meanwhile they bought two more large greenhouses in the environment: Brookberries Venlo and Brookberries Belfeld (Tegelseweg). Now the production of strawberries is twice a much! And also important, fresh strawberries all over the year!

Marcel Dings: “Especially we want to grow tasty strawberries, full of flavor. To use very modern Technics and store possibilities, we have fresh strawberries all over the year! Because of protection the strawberrieplants in our Greenhouses, the quality is much better as strawberries form the field outside! The plants are treated with care in an environmentally friendly way!”

Vertical fans bring the warm air on top of the greenhouse down. Sharing 20% of energy. A high pressure system ensures the cooling …. so less CO2 emissions. Harmful insects will be attacked by their natural ennemies, the Ladybug against plant-louse. “So, all give a better quality of strawberries!”
Important: Eating strawberries is very healthy, vitamin C, B and A, calcium, sodium and iron.




Topquality strawberries from Brookberries in Venlo!

 Brookberries Tegelseweg in Belfeld is using purple light  …!