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How do the strawberries grow?

Delicious strawberries! A beautiful red fruit with white seeds.
Not the seeds are important, but the offshoots!

A strawberry is actually the flower base of the flower of a strawberry plant. On the outside of the strawberry are all seeds. And every seed contains a seed. If such a seed were to be put into the soil, a strawberry plant would grow. But this rarely happens, because strawberry plants are usually grown from sprouts. From the mother plant a stem grows over the ground. Here and there young plants grow. The young plants start to grow. There are roots and leaves. First they are folded, later they spread out. After a while flowers appear. There are five white petals. Within a wreath of stamens are the pistils. The pistils are small and sticky. A pistil is shown here enlarged, the green ball will soon become a wick. Here you see the stamens strongly enlarged. When they are ripe they will burst open and the pollen will appear. The beautiful petals attract the insects. This bumblebee sucks up nectar. Pollen also sticks to its hair. This takes it to another flower and pollinates it. When the flowers are pollinated, the white petals fall off. They no longer need to attract insects. The inner part of the flower then swells up. This part is called the flowerbed. This is the strawberry. It is first green, later white and finally red. In the strawberry plant, the flower beds grow into strawberries. On the outside of the strawberry there are the seeds again and in each seed there is another seed