Strawberry facts

Strawberry facts

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• If the fruits are torn loose, there are birds in your garden!
• If they are hollowed out, it’s snail work!
• If they are gnawed on, there are mice, who just like you lovely strawberries!

Strawberries are fragile fruits that quickly become mouldy.
Store them in a sealed box, best with the crown, in the refrigerator.
Remove the stems and the crown only when the strawberries have been washed, they will become limp!

Strawberries are the only fruits with the seeds on the outside.
The average strawberry has about 200 seeds!

The strawberry is the first fruit that ripens in spring!

The largest strawberry weighed until  today, 231 grams and was sold in 1983 in Kent, England.
Grown by G. Anderson.

Strawberries are still considered as an aphrodisiac.
In the past, just married couples were given soups made from strawberries, thin sour cream, borage and icing sugar!

Older people who eat strawberries, at least once a month, are mentally less likely to decline than their peers who do not eat these fruits! Scientists from the American Tuts University have established this. The antioxidants in strawberries protect the membranes of the nerve cells against, among other things, infections. They slow down the aging process in the brain …