Topquality Strawberries!

Dings Strawberries and Brookberries are grown in 20 years up to 4 greenhouses, and it is possible to deliver the whole year fresh strawberries to our customers. We produce 5 superdelicious strawberries: Elsanta, Sonata, Clery, Jive and Favory!

Our company is a group of motivated people who strive to make a wonderful product.

Dings strawberries BV is the company of Marcel and Iris Dings in Belfeld. They grow strawberries since 1999 and have new construction plans for the future. They have on the current location a greenhouse of 2003 a test with mechanical cooling in combination with high pressure misting and vertical ventilation. Marcel: “I would like to know what the possibilities are of the Airco greenhouse principle, before I go all kinds of innovative plants construction in the new greenhouse.” Dings hopes with an Airco greenhouse the strawberry season to extend backwards and forwards at the same time, and bring the production and quality to a higher level!

New consortium for exclusive
new products

WUR Glasshouse horticulture and seven glasshouse horticulture companies sign the founding agreement of Glasshouse horticulture Inno20.

Fresh strawberries in winter?

Consumers prefer fresh strawberries all year round! With the recent introduction of the new Delizzimo strawberry variety … Brookberries and the Holland Strawberry House – ABZ Seeds, believe that it will be possible to supply the market with this new strawberry also in winter.

Strawberries from Belfeld!

“A good product only is not enough”, say Marcel Dings and Peter van den Eertwegh”.

Strawberries facts!

Do you have strawberries in your garden? Who is eating your tasty strawberries? How big was the largest strawberry? Eating strawberries is not only delicious,
but also smart!


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